The Art of Not Making It: with Tiffany Springle

Anthony Logan Cole Part 1

October 24, 2019 Tiffany Springle Season 1 Episode 8
The Art of Not Making It: with Tiffany Springle
Anthony Logan Cole Part 1
Show Notes

On today's episode, I sit down with Anthony Logan Cole.

True story: this was actually the first episode I ever recorded. We hung out in my bedroom, with me completely new to my podcast equipment. Anthony and me have known each other for years. He played my Dad in the first show either of us did in NYC. A musical about Abraham Lincoln dealing with puberty. Yep. This show really existed.

Anthony is an Actor, Producer, Singer, Director, and Immersive Artist. One thing I really love about Anthony's episode is how honest he is about both the good and bad in the industry. We all make mistakes, and I appreciate that Anthony can openly talk about moments he isn't the most proud of, but how he grew as a person and artist through them. He's a good egg. Isn't that a weird phrase? Ah well, too late I used it.

The episode has been broken down into two parts. This week's episode is part 1, where we talk about his past and how he got to where he is currently. Next week's episode is more focused on the present, and a recent reviewer scandal Anthony found himself suddenly in the middle of.

It's a great episode, and I think you will enjoy!

Opening song by Sofie Zamchick, and episode is sponsored by Theatrical Index. You can find more on Sofie's EP here

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