The Art of Not Making It: with Tiffany Springle

Anthony Logan Cole Part 2

October 31, 2019 Anthony Logan Cole, Hosted by Tiffany Springle Season 1 Episode 9
The Art of Not Making It: with Tiffany Springle
Anthony Logan Cole Part 2
Show Notes

Greetings! On today's episode, we listen to the second half of my conversation with Anthony Logan Cole.

In the first episode, we discussed Anthony's past. How he got to NYC, his first Agent, making mistakes and learning through them... as well as hot mess musicals based on American Presidents in puberty. Yea. You know, standard stuff.

The second half of the conversation is about Anthony's present.

An Actor, Producer, Director, Singer, and Immersive Theater Artist, Anthony was most recently working in an Off-Broadway Musical, Camp Morning Wood: A Very Naked Musical. As the name suggests, it's a heartfelt musical comedy where the actors got, title-correct, very naked.

Anthony found himself in the middle of an industry media scandal when a well-known Reviewer decided to body shame the actors via an Audio Platform. There was no review in sight, but lots of insults on the actors' looks, private parts, and personal hits for being willing to show their bodies. This Reviewer insulted the entire cast, but focused specifically on Anthony. It is important to note the Reviewer only stayed through the intermission of the show, and didn't even see the show he was reviewing. The clips have since been deleted, and public apologies have been stated. Unsurprisingly, the theater community was outraged and Anthony found himself in the middle of something he never asked for. We still have a long way to go in this industry, but I am so glad things like this are no longer being tolerated.

I'll save further details on this event for Anthony to discuss in his own words. Very grateful Anthony was willing to speak up and have an honest dialogue about this. He's a beautiful person, inside and out, and I am so happy the theater community spoke up for him when this came out.

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See ya next week. You are good enough.