The Art of Not Making It: with Tiffany Springle

Jovon Outlaw

November 23, 2019 Tiffany Springle Season 1 Episode 12
The Art of Not Making It: with Tiffany Springle
Jovon Outlaw
Show Notes

Today's episode is a good friend of mine: Jovon Outlaw. ⁠

He does his own thing, and I absolutely love that he is 100% authentic in everything he does. ⁠

Jovon Outlaw is a New York City-based, multi-disciplinary artist. A graduate of the SUNY Purchase College Film Conservatory, Jovon’s primary occupation is as a freelance Director of Photography and Director. Jovon has worked on numerous projects, notably for CollegeHumor, NBC, Marvel, Juilliard, Microsoft,, Josh Ruben, Micheal Almerayda, Celia-Rolwson-Hall, Kassia Miller, Chris Osborn, Mitski, Eigil Bryld, and Anu Valia.⁠

Jovon is also an Improvisor and studied at the Upright Citizen Brigade, the former Reckless Theatre, and IO Chicago- for which he was invited to attend as a recipient of the James Conklin Memorial Scholarship. Jovon marries improvisation to his work as a DP and director as he feels it has strengthened his skills at shooting, writing, and directing by enabling him to become more flexible and adaptable to new ideas. He brings this fluidity and creative energy to all aspects of his work.⁠

This episode is going to be the last one for the Season, and "The Art of Not Making It" will be coming back better than ever in January. ⁠

The next season will be even better, and I can't wait for you to see the changes happening. The guests already on the lineup are SO. GREAT. ⁠

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